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Below we’ve provided a few questions and their related answers. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is NiMEDix?

NiMEDix is a Nigerian-based organization poised to providing an innovative next-generation healthcare solution designed to meet specific patients needs and services using the AI and blockchain technology to connect doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and scientific research facilities to improve patient care.

The core of NiMEDix is grounded in the proven and tested advantages of applying AI and blockchain technology to meet vast array Africa’s health care challenges.

The appeal of AI is its ability to collect, analyze and make sense of vast amounts of unstructured and variable data (especially text, statistical numbers, and visual images) quickly and often more accurately than a human being. With the increase in digitization and computing power, there has been an ever-growing wealth of digital data produced by individuals and systems, and advances in machine learning and analytical algorithms mean AI systems will become ever more powerful and effective.

The Burstchain technology will provide services for individual professionals and organizations to share patient data securely, and allow medical research institutions to collect, monitor and analyze medical data securely, reliably and safely. It will allow sensitive data in clinical trial applications to be shared consistent with rigorous privacy and ethical requirements.

NiMEDix blockchain and smart contract technology can be applied to the medical AI to help conduct clinical research and routine care. It will provide a platform for clinical decision making (clinical investigation, diagnosis, etc.), management of care (treatment, workflow, monitoring, etc.), and particularly distributed services and knowledge sharing

What is IEO?

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) are an alternative to ICOs in which a project’s tokens are initially sold directly on an exchange. Basically, an IEO is a mutated version of an ICO, where the exchange is totally responsible for the fundraising process. The recent BitTorrent token campaign is the most well-known example of IEO.

Bitcoin (BTC). Ethereum (ETH) Stellar Lumens (XLM) Bitfxt (BXT)

Everyone of legal age is allowed to participate in the IEO, however we advise participants to study all terms and conditions and with soundness of mind acknowledge the potential risks associated with Startups and is willing to proceed with investments of funds. All terms and conditions apply

What are the Benefits of investing?

As a business we prefer to aim for the best possible scenarios in which case our products from our value proposal will meet very high demands which ultimately translates to profit for all investors in the long run. We have no time stamped guarantees but we stay very optimistic of the NiMEDix ecosystem project