Access to a global network of products, customers, partners and data sources.

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, AI, swarm intelligence and the Network Effect

Consent & Sharing

Securely share customized data sets with customers, partners and stakeholders

HIPAA & GDPR Security

Leverage distributed blockchain to provide best-in-class data security


About NiMEDix Ecosystem

NiMEDix Ecosystem Technology Services is a Nigerian based blockchain/AI company focused on bridging the gap in remittances, promoting collaboration and partnerships, diversification of healthcare funding and creating access to healthcare services.

Both blockchain and the development of African economy may be in their nascent phases but the opportunities are unmistakable. The inefficiencies that has plagued traditional centralized systems and the collateral effects sets a stage for technology in this 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution) to bring about a radical change.

As United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres puts it, “it’s abundantly clear that a much deeper, faster and more ambitious response is needed to unleash the social and economic transformation needed to achieve our 2030 goals”

Africa's untapped economic potential is no secret, with population soaring past 1.3 billion, 2/3rd of it's composition is youths below the ages of 25, such bulge in population fuels the digital market.

NiMEDix coin

How cool is it to own a coin that makes you more money and is tradable any time any day on exchanges as more people use our hospitals and subscribe to our services. Do you know that medical tourism cost to Nigerian annually is estimated at about USD1.7Billion? And NiMEDix is going to bridge this gap. The digital healthcare market is set to exceed 504 billion USD according to growth research reports by Marketwatch.

NiMEDix pathfinder (DApp)

In collaboration with BurstIQ an enterprise level healthcare blockchain ecosystem, with Several international awards under her belt as the core of NiMEDix Blockchain/AI.

NiMEDix ecosystem puts you in total control of your data allowing you to create your health profile and empowers interaction between you and health and wellness marketplace with our strategic partners. NiMEDix is built with maximum security, all thanks to our partner BURSTIQ, on a world class security – SSAE 18 SOC2 Type 2, HIPAA, GDPR, and NIST Compliant blockchain (burst-chain).

Our innovative decentralized mobile application and web portal which will soon to be on the Android and IOS platforms will support a plethora of functions to make your health and data journey most rewarding.

NiMEDix Ecosystem DApp is a directory or compendium of facilities and services they offer and 100% access and control of your health data promoting interoperability, reducing cost of care by eliminating redundancy of data collection and administrative bureaucracy as well as connection through IA to state of the art medical equipment.

Bookings and appointments (local and international).

Diet and exercise tracking

Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring and other interesting features.

Our application, with an inbuilt digital wallet will allow you accumulate NiM tokens to enjoy huge discounts on our services globally.

Problems and Solutions

The Need For A Decentralized Platform

  • Medical tourism in 2019 is estimated to cost Nigeria over 700Billion Naira (1.7 Billion USD) per annum.
  • Currently home to over 200 million inhabitants in 2020 and projected to hit 300 million in 2030, Nigeria has just over 30,000 doctors per this population. In 2030, Nigeria will need over 700,000 doctors according to WHO recommendations. There is a huge gap between healthcare needs and actual provisions, which presents the opportunity for multinationals with extensive capacity for research and capital for investments. Africa may be home to less than 15 percent of the world’s population but it is the continent where up to 25 percent of the world’s diseases occur
  • Centralized information silos, a harbinger of fraud, expensive and difficult to coordinate, with poor interoperability, bulky and highly prone to loss, data theft and manipulation which dominates the healthcare space.
  • 3rd party (consumer) disintermediation, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and insurers use same old centralized logic in decision making; completely excluding the consumer from the process NiMEDix will bridge tha gap by putting you in complete control of your health data and an opportunity to monetize your data

Decentralized Network

NiMEDix ecosystem electronic health records system powered by BURSTCHAIN™ is safe, secure and gives you full access control to your health records powered by blockchain technology

Using a public ledger as a core of financial payment of the ecosystem eliminates fraud with an added advantage in resource allocation to the most suited sectors and promote public private partnerships (crowd sourcing of funds).

Clients and patients, a good database to search for medical products and services and rate every facility based on quality of service provided

NiMEDix Pathfinder application is going provide a large inventory of hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies, to serve as guide for people seeking healthcare services


Our Decentralized Ecosystem is built on the BurstChain, a platform for creating health profiles for people, places and enterprises thereby empowering the the interaction between them

Big data


BurstIQ has solved two fundamental challenges that have, until now, prevented blockchain from being utilized in the healthcare space: support for large volumes of data and ensuring security of the underlying data. The result is a transformational platform that is able to ingest and coordinate Big Data across disparate sources, manage complex data permission structures and perform near-real-time data transactions.

Consent & Sharing


The NIM TOKEN powers these engagements. Data can be bought, sold, donated, licensed or loaned – all while maintaining strict compliance with the security and permission rules of each data element.

consent sharing


Individual LifeGraphsTM exist within a global population network. Access to the data is managed through smart contracts that can be created, modified and revoked by the data owner.


BurstChain™ provides seamless sharing, end-to-end data rights management, secure data storage, an indisputable chain of custody and advanced security protocols.

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